Is it worth being offended?

You know how something comes along just when you either need a pick me up, validation or even a kick in the ass? Someone randomly muses on a subject, or a song you have heard 10,000 times suddenly strikes home and you go Ah Ha!
I was working in the kitchen trying to figure out why certain people lately seem to be upsetting me all out of proportion with how really little I care about them as people since I don’t think of them as close friends but instead just acquaintances.
I could have determined that it has to do with My health issues, My stress about Personal issues in my family or even because I need to take more naps, exercise more often and eat better.
Instead I found myself ranting in my head and intending to write a blistering (or so I assumed it would be) blog/fb post about how different people have different standards of behavior and maybe MY standards are just too damn high and perhaps I should accept that not everyone thinks they should treat others as well as I try to.
I got comfy, planning to start writing and the first thing on my timeline was this article.
Read it.
It made me realize something, it doesn’t matter why other people have offended me lately with their actions, it only matters how I react.
I can choose to rant and rave and upset myself more and try to show the world how much better I think I am than certain unnamed annoyances in my life (and sound like a pompous ass) OR I can accept that i cant change them, say “fuck them,” distance myself from them, and get on with my life, no longer mad and no longer invested in being offended or in trying to make other people see why I am offended.


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