Working smarter tonight

Busy again but being more careful not to wear myself out like last night (that leads to bad knee spasms which makes sleeping hard…I am Almost better from the last knee replacement but still get wiped out fast, having a cold does not help)
I am following the advice of UnFuck Your Habitat and doing a small amount of work like 20 mins then after each work session I do a short set of my physical therapy, then I rest for 10-20 minutes (reading articles and surfing) then start over.
Tonight after some shopping and a really nice long shower I have been cooking stuff to freeze and working on freezing snacks for my birthday.  I am making horderves like stuffed mushrooms, quiche bites and stuffed crusts so I am finding stuff I can make in advance a little at a time and freeze.
Im finishing off the dishes and cleaning counters so the dishwasher repair guy can work on it tomorrow (the water doesn’t have any strength despite good water pressure in the house)
I am making potato/corn chowder and enchilada casseroles for a friend, cooking bacon in the oven with peppers and onions to add to the chicken cheddar filling for the stuffed mushrooms I am making tonight to freeze.
I am bleaching out the bathtub and maybe I will bleach mop the bathroom floor.
And that should be it so I don’t end up feeling worse.
Yesterday was a busy busy day
Took mom shopping for 3 hours
Drs appointment went amazing, it is not a bone bruise but a small Hematoma (the difference is about 4 weeks less pain for me)
I was able to get Sugar free Pumpkin Spice coffee syrup finally
Then had coffee and crafted with the lovely Josh Ferryman and the amazing Giovanna Hernandez
Came home around 9 pm and worked off and on with small breaks from cooking and prepping food for freezing for hours. I did 2 loads of laundry and dishes (more dishes to do, almost all of my huge mixing bowls are dirty) made 27 stuffed mushrooms to freeze and turned the remaining chicken, onion, pepper,Cheddar/cream cheese filling and the broken mushrooms and stems into a casserole
Going to go reload the dishwasher and pull out the laundry.
Which is when I found out the dish washer isn’t working worth a damn.
And yes after not taking enough breaks and over doing I spent 2 hours in agony before the meds hit.


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