A Little About Me:

I am a woman in my 40’s (born 12-7-68) from Boise Idaho. I am an artist, a writer, a crafter, a liberal, a giver, a decent person, I am an Eclectic, a mix of Goth, bohemian, geeky nerd artist.

I always had what we believed was Chronic fatigue syndrome but in the last few years it has become obvious  (and fully diagnosed by 3 different Dr’s) that I have Fibromyalgia as well as a badly deteriorated spine from having been extremely heavy for decades (over 300 by 20, over 400 by 30, top known weight of 463 and Duodenal switch weight loss surgery at 41)  and I am finally realizing that many of the things I have spent years hating myself for thinking they were due to being fat and lazy is related to much maligned and little understood illness that I have had for going on 30 years.  I go in and out of remission with this illness and have good times and bad.

I am married to and madly in love with a man 16 years my junior (shhhh dont tell him he thinks I am 25…JK) I try to live my life to the fullest, I love to spend time talking to a wide variety of people and hanging out with my friends doing all sorts of things, watching movies, having coffee or going out to clubs though I dont drink for health reasons.

I enjoy people who have a dark sense of humor and weird outlook on life though I try to manage to be positive overall, sadly a lot of stuff gets in the way but usually I can laugh about it at least.

I am a geek/nerd and I enjoy webcomics, role playing games and I enjoy odd little gadgets.

Everything in my life is in flux, I am changing all the time right now, I am constantly trying to redefine myself and I am not sure who I will be in the coming years.  I have lost over 240 pounds before and after surgery which is changing a lot about my body and how I deal with the world.  

A little about what I like:

MUSIC: I am Goth and I Love all types of Goth music, I also really love Blues Music and some Techno and industrial music and a little bit of most everything else.  By the same token when I really dislike a song or artist I have no patience for them

MOVIES: I seldom watch movies but when I do I adore action adventure and intelligent comedies, I also like movies that are a bit strange and really make you think like Inception.  I will watch and sometimes enjoy some “chick flicks” and a few “teen comedies” but most of them are so stupid I can’t stand them.

TELEVISION: I dont really watch television and actually have an aversion to most of it because I know how easily I can be sucked in and lose hours of my day to worthless shows

BOOKS: I love Mysteries, comedies and odd romances as well as Sc-fi

ART: I love doing art, I paint, I craft, I make jewelry, I do Art Journaling and Art trading cards as well as other forms of art. I will do art pretty much anywhere and have done Art Journaling in coffee shops, bars and at my gym.

I have a LOT to say and twitter a lot.  I hope to start adding some of that to this blog

One thought on “A Little About Me:

  1. Pri says:

    Dear Trina,

    I was wondering if there was a way to private message you but I couldn’t find it, so I’m commenting here instead (I really hope you don’t mind 🙂 ).

    I am 25 years old and weigh about 250 pounds right now; considering I’m only 4’10” that is quite a lot of weight for my body. Actually, around about January, I was almost pushing 300 pounds from 18 months of near-continuous depression filled binging (I lost almost 50 pounds from getting the binging a bit under control). I’ve always been very heavy and I’ve stuffed my feelings for as long as I’ve had memories. When I was 6 I ate to stave off the intense loneliness I felt. Once, my aunt asked me “what is hunger?” and I answered “When I don’t taste anything.” I have suffered both emotionally and physically because of my weight, and I’ve also gained weight because of emotional and physical suffering. I have bipolar disorder (with what clinicians have chosen to call “borderline features”) and binge eating disorder–the weight and my mental issues are a chicken/egg sort of deal.

    So why am I telling you this? I actually “met” you through your modeling website when I was 16 and trying to deal with my fat and “ugly” self. Always disgusted by my body I often wondered if I were subhuman. I’ve always been extremely popular and had tons of friends but behind my “smart, happy, confident and funny, but fat girl” facade I never fit in and often hated myself. I wondered if I could ever be attractive to someone else, and if being unattractive meant that the world wouldn’t care about me if I died. Something about your willingness to model made me accept my body a bit more or forced me to, at least, entertain the possibility that someone could find me attractive and that I could mean something to some person in the future someday. I experienced myself as a sexual being in a way I never could have before. I want to thank you for that.

    Then, a few years later, I actually entered therapy for the bipolar stuff and issues about my weight inevitably bubbled up to the surface. I wondered how you were doing and stumbled upon your personal blog where you were talking about your surgery and your issues with the size acceptance community. Although I was too ill with the mood disorder to really be effective in dealing with my issues at the time, it got me thinking about my health and sexuality in a different way. It was one of the things that planted the seed in my head to force myself to get the emotional stuff under control.

    Now that I’m in treatment for binge eating disorder and finally dealing with my out-of-control weight issues, I thought of you and stumbled upon your blog again. I just wanted to say that your transformation is inspirational and that you’re a strong person.

    I just wanted to thank you so much for the confidence you gave me when I was younger, and I admire you a lot for your courage to go through this insane journey and your willingness to candidly talk about all of the issues (emotional, physical, mental, etc.) this has brought up for you. I think you’re amazing.

    Stay awesome!


    PS. Sorry for semi-google stalking you for the better part of a decade.

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