I want a job editing/writing Amazon ads

I was looking through random junk on Amazon and was surprised how bad some of the discriptions for the ads are.

I totally understand how non primarily  English speaking people may have grammar issues or spelling problems but an editor would help clean up the wording/spelling.

The ones that had me laughing a long time were the ones most likely written by people who speak English as their first (and probably only) language who simply have very strange ideas of how to describe things.

Case in point, I put these together 

This is when she is about to be stoned and moments later is rescued.

I can honestly say I have never felt the need to decorate a laundry room (and for me that is saying something because I love decorating pretty much everything), I am more likely to ensure that every available inch of wall space is used for stockpiling cleaning supplies. (Hey you have your dreams, I have mine ) but if I changed my mind I don’t think Saint Inez is going to cut it for me.

Here something for “the nursery” 

So we have Saint George and the (creepiest fucking) “dragon” ….for the nursery.  I am not opposed to dragons in nurseries by any means, knights either, but look at that poor messed up thing, I am honestly not sure what the hell happened to it.  Something from a Troma movie I guess.

Here is the deal, the artist painted this woman as a send up to women over a certain age who allow vanity to make them look foolish.  She dresses partly in old fashion styles from her youth and partly in modern styles that do not become her.  Also recent studies suggest she suffers from a form of 

Editorial statement: The only  things a woman my age …or any age we define as adult… should not wear is #1 the weight of the world on her shoulders and #2 anyone else’s opinion about her choices. In fact if you are old enough to buy your own clothes it is officially no one who doesn’t employ you’s business what you wear.

So anyway, where were we?

Oh yes, here is the last one.

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