I am allowed to feel depressed without being “Depressed”

Me: “I am feeling overwhelmed and a bit depressed.”

Them: “Oh is there something you can do to make the Depression better?”

Me: “It isn’t a flare up of “Depression” I have serious crap making me feel simply down and depressed. Depression is an illness with very distinct symptoms that are different enough from just feeling depressed that I can tell the difference.”

Them: “Oh than it is SAD, you need to go outside or use your lamp more.”

Me: “Um no, I have reasons I feel overwhelmed and because of that I feel kind of depressed”

Them: “Could it be hormonal?”

Me: “NO, I am drowning in worry, I hurt, people I care about hurt, there are things I am trying to figure out how to fix and the anxiety is causing me to feel depressed.”

Them: “Oh, well have you been taking your medicine? If so could it be a side effect of some of them?”

Me: “NO NO NO, I am stressed out about health issues, mine and others, I am worried about stray cats and my own cats, I worry about bills and possibly finding money to fix a crumbling tooth. I am worried about our car and every other fucking thing in my life but there is good news…I am now not depressed so much as fucking pissed.

I am allowed to feel depressed about things without being in the middle of full on Depression.

It is an illness, yes I have it, but that does not mean that I am having a flare up of that illness anytime things in my life get me down.

All those things people bring up always feel just slightly judging.

Not going outside or using your light???

Did you take your meds??

Could it be the meds you choose to take??

Seriously other than hormones it feels accusing because there is also “did you eat too much sugar?” and “have you been exercising enough?” or “are you still drinking coffee?”

The thing is it is hard to get really mad, frustrated yes.

It is like with Fibromyalgia, everyone including me tries to think up something I have done wrong or could do right if I made some changes that might make it better.

Some things help but not to wipe it out

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