Gird your loins Fairy Goth Daughter

​A comment I may or may not have made on my ex bf’s young teen daughters page when she commented about having to wear a dress to a dance.

This by the way is just one reason I am probably better off not living in the midwest.
“”Wear a long hippy skirt then in the middle of the dance explain that you wore it so you can be prepared for battle then show them how to Gird Your Loins.

Be prepared for at least on chaperone to lose their mind, explain to them it has biblical significance””

I told my ex bf (we’re talking like 15 years ago ex) and his wife when his 13yr old kidlet ask to be friends on facebook  “you know how I am on here, it is up to you cause it isn’t like I will be cussing less or not posting whatever catches my attention.”

“If your cussing bugs her she can ignore it or unfollow. It’s all good”

Yep they are cool parents

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