Falling apart #____ I have lost track

​The reason I don’t “get used to it” is it feels as if every month, sometimes every day, brings a new symptom, reaction or bit of damage.

One of the more recent is my teeth crumbling partly from a genetic tendency of weak teeth, shitty dental coverage and most of all TMJ and Bruxism (clenching my jaw and grinding back and forth which cracks my teeth and grinds the top of them off, once that happens they become hollow as the softer inside is destroyed faster than the outsides)

My front left incisor is crumbling, it seems like everyday at least once I feel as if I have a bit of sand in my mouth, today it happened twice but the second was the back of a bottom front tooth crumbling.

I always had perfectly set teeth, no braces needed to have a perfect bite and I was proud of it when I had nothing else I could feel proud of.  Now I can’t even pretend I don’t look sick

That “perfect bite” is why the damage is so bad, now they are crumbling and my insurance is crap.

The bad news where my teeth are concerned: 

1. there is serious damage on every single tooth in my mouth.

2. My front left incisor is cracked and falling apart, my insurance says it was repaired 6 months ago, it wasnt, and they won’t do anything to it til June (I doubt it will last a month) repairs for it could be $800

3. My teeth have recently become painfully sensitive to cold, metal and anything acidic.

4. My dentist (one of the few who take my insurance) can only do 1 visit a month and believes it will take 8 months to do basic work on just the damage I now have.

5. My mouth is cut to shreds, my inside lip and cheeks are cut up and so is under and the tip of my tongue.  

The good news:

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