SAD and no therapy lamp bulb

*Mid October (SAD starting right on schedule)
***on the downside***
*Full spectrum light therapy lamp’s $50 bulb is burned out last week (really can’t afford to replace it with a dozen other things I put off replacing/buying/fixing/paying for while sick the last 4-5 months but will send for it on the 3rd, then up to 10 days) X-Mas will be tight but I am creative.
*Slept 15 hours yesterday, might be nice except sleep triggers painful leg spasms and I gotten next to nothing done.
*SAD makes my existing Sugar/Carbohydrates addiction go through the roof from frustrating to scared because it feels as if I have NO control
*Add fibro to the mix and despite meds I am fighting these sneak attack waves of severe depression that comes and goes and this overall sense of helplessness..

***On the Upside***
*There is Alex and family and a small group of friends who haven’t given up on me
*I joined the Y and I am going every other day even though I am starting super slow
*I am aware that SAD is transitory and that while Fibromyalgia is for life there are ways (diet, meds and exercise) to reduce the effects
*It may take months to get the pile of expenses I let slide taken care of but we can do it a little at a time…1 or 2 things  each paycheck.


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