Emptied the shelves

This shelving unit was pretty much full of food 20 minutes ago.


I am testing a theory…
I read that having certain foods visible in the kitchen can cause over eating.  The study showed that having foods you want to eat visible like soda or cookies caused people to snack more and having visible fruit made them more likely to try a piece of fruit before they ate other foods thus reducing their intake.
Well I notice that when I am bored or a little hungry and I go in the kitchen pretty much all I see is foods I can’t eat, mostly because of wheat… pasta, canned stuff, random sauces. Half of it is stuff we will never use but keep around for roommates or friends.
I don’t have the same problems with the fridge, about 80% is food I could eat and the rest is stuff I don’t crave.
I put all of the shelved wheat/chemicals-that-hate-me stuff in the front foyer closet that I turned into a pantry and left only the things I can eat, tomatoes, canned tuna or salmon, canned pumpkin (not that I would pre se) onions and bagged herbs and spices.

Ummm actually that is about it for what I can eat.

Don’t ask me how so little food is less triggering but it really is.
If I had more room I would take it all to the pantry and only take out what I need.
Ummmmmmmmmmm I think that might actually be a plan and we will see how it works.  I can always use these shelves for art supplies.

NOTE: The shelves are empty, I made up a box of the food for my roommates (that they never touch it seems despite the fact they bought it, pasta-roni type stuff, canned stew) and I am going to ask them to go through them and stash what they want in their room and we will give away the rest.
I stashed 4 cans of tuna in one of our few actual cupboards and Alex still has a couple of containers of cereal on another shelf out of site but they don’t bother me.
I have a lot of whole wheat pasta and only make maybe 1 pack every week or 2 if that often.
I plan to organize the freezers next so that the things I can eat are more accessible and so that Alex can serve himself easier if I feel sicker than I am now.
I plan to buy fresh or frozen foods (meats and veggies) mostly and both of us have talked about reducing sugar intake (in my case totally) so this should help.

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