Back to the Y

Went to the Y today (trying to go every other day) and since the only real shoes I have are work boots with laces and my fumble fingers said fuck that I wore slippers (and a nice dress with knee length leggings on)


Don’t judge…if I had spent 10 minutes tying the stupid ass laces I would have said fuck it and gone back to bed.
I’m only doing 10 minutes a time right now until my legs and fibro fatigue gets used to it and doesn’t torture me for the rest of the day then I will add time.  Right now slow is better than no.



Trying not to compare this to when I was doing 6 miles at variable resistance summer of 2014
Right now I am sitting in the car in a little parking lot about 2-3 blocks from my house facing the sun so I can soak up sunlight (SAD lamp’s bulb is dead)

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