If it isn’t 1 thing it is another, while I have been sick I haven’t been getting a lot of the things we need done so of course a bunch of repairs, replacements and health issues come up all at once right in time to eat up our holiday money. 
We finally sat down and wrote a list of every repair, replacement and needed item and now we need to figure what order they Must be gotten in.
Also looking at our bad habits and making plans for breaking them.
Last thing I want to do this year while hurting and swimming in brain fog is be all adult about things but that’s what has to happen.
First things first, my full spectrum anti-SAD therapy lightbulb has finally given up the ghost just in time for stormy weather. Then oil changes on 2 cars and  emissions testing on 1 car
Oh well I might not like it but I can do it
The blub is $44.06 with shipping



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