Some days start good then end up sleepy AF


Today I have been feeling pretty good, maybe it is the weather or sleeping later than usual or taking less Cogentin last night, or just as likely, a fluke.
I went to Coffee with Ginger and Wiggle (who was a sweetheart) and worked on a project then headed home to clean more.
Alex has the day off and when I am sick and fatigued to the point of not functioning he will bring his computer into the bedroom and spend time with me even though there are times it better resembles watching me sleep.
One of the few both things my hubby hates is shopping, especially window shopping, if he can avoid it he will.
Today I wanted to go see what the stores had out for Halloween and he went with me without hesitation, in fact he suggested we go Before cleaning so I would not get so wiped out cleaning since only one of us can vacuum at a time.
I straight out asked him if he was just glad to be out of the house with me while I am mostly awake and attentive.  He said in classic Alex speak “maybe”
I think that is why I was so extremely frustrated that Target, Fred Meyers and even JoAnn’s had so very little Halloween stuff out.  Halloween is one of the few things we love shopping for together.

Now we are home (just in time for me to fade out for a bit) and we are prepping the carpeted areas for steam cleaning.  We use water, vinegar and baking soda with just a few spot treatments with detergent based rug cleaner.
Now I wish I hadn’t wasted what energy I had on fruitless shopping

Alex did 90% of the rug cleaning because I was so wiped out.  I usually wake for every little noise but I slept through both times he did the floor in the bedroom despite the rug cleaner being maybe 18 inches from my head.  I think I actually scared Alex a bit.

In a very good mood, so far low pain, and only mild fatigue
I could sit here wondering why I feel better all day long.
Meds adjustment?
More sleep?
Better hydration?
Or I can enjoy it while I have it.
I need a nap (been up since 6:20am, yes 6.5 hours of actually being up and about is a lot for me lately) and I worry because I might wake up in a shitty mood but it isn’t as if I can avoid rest when my body demands it and I just try to focus on the good mood and chill
I just need to learn to accept these good days as just that…a day … and not a sign of remission (if it comes it comes but stressing doesn’t help)
It is a lovely day

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