I was 463 pounds at one time, it did huge damage to my body and I was lucky I had weight loss surgery and lost to 180.  The thing is 180 lasted a few months, before that my body was stalled at 222 for 6 months and I only lost that last 42 after I had knee surgery twice in 3 months.
I was on Norco (hydrocodone) for a total of 6 months, it killed my already screwy appetite and I got down to180 and off of the meds. Mind you I was also putting out a ton of energy to just walk back then so it isn’t that odd.
Over the next few years off of norco I gained 50 pounds and recently weighed at the Drs as 231.8 which scared me bad enough to cry in public.
Since that scare I gave up the terrifying amount of sugar I was eating and I have lost 10 this last month or so.
But 222 is my bodies sticking point.  It is very stubbornly determined to stay there.
I have decided to chill out at 222 and just get healthy because I do not think the stress of worrying about getting to 200 or less is helping as sick as I am.
I will try to maintain that weight while getting healthier, not eating sugar and eventually if I feel better I will get stronger and maybe naturally lose as I go or just be the healthiest, more muscular version of me at 222 I can be

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