Day 26

26 days with no processed sugar, no candy, no sugar in my drinks, I cut out chips and crackers and I don’t eat baked goods anyway.
It has been both easier and harder to get this far.  So the question is why am I craving sugar like a mad woman tonight…and no it isn’t PMS. 
I have eaten protein, I have had an apple I have been drinking plenty but no luck, still craving.
Then I remembered that I bought coconut chips from the dollar store and a cashew protein treat. I ate half of a 1 oz bag of the chips before I realized they had a lot of sugar and I tossed them along with the cashew treat which had at least 6 names for grains (4 of which I avoid) including “wheat” which explained the itchy ears and swollen throat despite the fact I had 1 bite.
That is all the sugar I need to trigger my body into craving overload.
I still count it as sugar free, it was unintended and probably equaled 2 teaspoons worth.

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