Putting myself first is hard

I am very lucky that I have such amazing friends.
I have had to cancel out on 2 events I was planning on 2 different Saturdays because of weather and scheduling conflicts but also from being still in the middle of a flare up and the overwhelming response has been “It’s OK please take care of yourself”


The hardest thing for me lately is putting my needs healthwise 1st without guilt. The thing is I have to.  Today has been frustrating because it has been 90% recovery time and I haven’t had the energy to do more because I did so much Tuesday.

I love being social, I love throwing events and by this time last year I had probably successfully hosted over half a dozen parties or picnics and this year we had like 1 at my house.
I hope I can still manage to at least make my presence known at friend’s events since I love helping out



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