Cleaning and organizing my tchotchkes

I cleared 1 bookcase, the top of the entertainment center and a small part of another stand so that later I can dust them and reorganize these things I hoard (about 1/2 of my various knick knacks that are on display now, some are packed away)


I way over did it and didn’t realize til I stopped how dizzy I was. But the point is I have done more in the last few days than I thought I could, I still get wiped the hell out but at least I am still moving forward
I am wondering what the cats will sacrifice to the floor gods but I don’t have the energy right now to dust the shelves much less put it all back.
I have a deadline of being done with at least this much by Thursday
Now I just grab 1 or 2 items, dust them and put them into a new spot every time I walk in to that part of the house (front room, kitchen, front door)

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