Feeling a bit better

Feeling better today,every time I feel as if I have a microburst of energy I go and pick 1 small thing to do and try to finish it, I might get 5 things done that equal a whole or I might just get half of them done.
Instead of looking at my pantry as 1 big job to organize I mentally break it down into individual shelves and do 1 shelf at a time.  If I have enough energy to do 5 shelves then great but even if I only do 1 shelf now I remind myself that I am ahead by 1 shelf.
Doing it that way I organized 10 different pantry shelves in the kitchen in under an hour and a half (haven’t been grocery shopping yet so perfect timing to decide where things go and reorganize what we have)
I also did a load of laundry, loaded the dishwasher as we go the last few days  then ran it and washed a crockpot.
I am even taking time to care for me, I went to Coffee with a friend, did some shopping, actually made an extra effort with my appearance (instead of leggings and a T-shirt short dress I wore a long skirt, matching shirt and jewelry)  I also washed my hair without conditioner in prep of dying it soon.
Yes I am tired but so far Tylenol is taking the edge off so I haven’t had to take much else. 
I probably will have to before bed because I feel the pain building but I don’t regret any of it

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