Day 19

Day 19 with no processed sugar or candy

I am surprised how well I am doing without candy, chocolate or processed sugar (including chips and the like), I don’t crave it much any more and when I do it is vague and fades away. I do crave fruit like Apples and plums but I try to only buy a little each day or so to keep me from eating too many in a day.

Right now I am sitting in my backyard feeling the sun come up over the trees. Bright sunlight and heat now make me irritated and anxious but the early morning sun when it is in the low 70s is good.
Going to try to take care of myself today, I tend to neglect myself when I feel sick. I am also going to clean up the house in little bursts and read. My house being disorganized and untidy causes huge anxiety (it isn’t actually dirty just kind of messy with art supplies and cat toys including paper bags they tear up)
I will only do what I can and that will be enough!
And maybe later I’ll go with Alex to get him some Aspen Leaf yogurt and buy fresh fruit for me. Also I plan to make mom and my friend a big pot of vegetarian Spaghetti (crockpot the sauce so little work involved since I already cut and froze the veggies)
I am also going to try to stay out of bed as I usually read there and being in the front room will motivate me to clean and move more.

Woke up feeling pretty good, the Metformin was definitely at least half of this current flare up. I realize I have a small burst of energy right after I wake up, maybe 3 hours where my fatigue chills out so that I am just tired but motivated
I did some simple chores and mopped the kitchen then made a chunky vegetarian Spaghetti sauce for my mom and a friend.
I decided to take a break and sat in the recliner and moved my position just enough to allow Annabelle to lay next to my feet and BOOM….my neck locked up on the left side and there is a knot the size of a black walnut right over where my neck has arthritis.
What the fuck body?!?
I would understand if it was when I moved garbage cans around, or wiped up a spill off the floor but I was sitting minding my own business and bam.

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