Way over did it … Day 16

I have to stop planning on a restful day to let my legs stop hurting so much, every time I do I suffer
Went shopping for some fruit around 7am walked all over the store
Went to dentist, new crown
Got call and finally got TnT auto salvage to get the abandoned Pickup I spent nearly an hour yesterday getting the title changed, stood around for half an hour trying to get them to take a promise of title, they did
Went to store for yogurt and grapes
Came home, got Alex went shopping all over JoAnn’s for cheap costume material then window shopping Halloween supplies at Zurchers (nice stuff already didn’t buy anything)
Went to 2 sporting good stores to get info on shoes we will get Alex next month
Went to the hell that is Walmart for their brand of protein, something about the lighting made me angry/Manic, bought very little but walked all over trying to find things since they moved everything… NEVER AGAIN
Stopped at Fred Meyers to get my prescription, it hasn’t been called in yet, walked all over store looking for a kids spray gun for kitty that wants to run out the door, no luck.
Home now, legs on fire and no pain meds except Tylenol.
I need to get stronger!!!!!


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