Day 15

Day 15
Last week I called the Bariatrics office to renew the order for a vitamin screening that I had put off so long the original order had run out. I went right to the lab and had 7 vials of blood taken.  I also called my new Dr’s office and asked them to look for any cancellations so I didn’t have to wait an entire month and they got me in the next day.
I have been neglecting myself and it is causing me many problems.
My blood tests came back with my D very low and my Calcium low for the first time since we started testing 6 years ago.  They wanted to put me on 50,000 iu a week, this is a new Bariatric surgeon for me as mine retired and so I had to tell them 50k once a week won’t touch it I need 200-250k of D (50k of D 4-5 times a week) So special order on the 1st
It is time that I stop slacking, there are many tests/exams I should have been getting but put off because I disliked my old Dr so now the new one will order them for me.


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