A little at a time

It feels as if I do nothing except toss laundry in the machine and load the dishwasher once in a while. 
I am so wiped out I just don’t seem to have much energy and when I do it is in tiny bursts.
Using those little bursts of energy every hour or 2 I have actually gotten a lot done this last week or so but everything has been done a bit at a time then rest then start over
I sorted all my craft paper, over 40 pounds worth of mixed up paper, all types and sizes.  I sorted uncut 12″ x 12″ into pattern or plain, boxes of different sized scraps, art trading card supplies, scattered playing cards, metallic and printed paper for collages.  I also sorted 100s of pieces from magazines I use for collages by colors.
and I started on my mess of a bead box (holy Goth I am low on supplies, I used to have tons of beads now they fit in a shoe box) what I need to stock up on is jewelry wiring supplies.  I grab a handful of beads every time I go in the front room or kitchen, then drop them in a ziploc white plastic bowl, sort them into about 10 other ziploc bowls and then go rest.
Tonight we will do tons of Folding and measuring and packing and labeling of sewing material, well over 90 pounds worth, 4 bins plus a few boxes.
I put the beads up for the night mostly because having Alex help me is more important for material (some is 12’+ long) than for beads.


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