My diagnosis

“Jeeze you sound happy to have Fibro, it is a horrible disease”
Yes I know it is, so is chronic fatigue which I now also have an official diagnosis for, but you know what is worse?
30+ years being made to feel lazy, 30+ years of being called a hypochondriac, being told all my problems were my weight then finding out that losing the weight might help some but there were still problems and then having them blamed on my surgery.  A lifetime of doubting my own judgement, thinking that I was overreacting to pain and exhaustion.
So yes I am glad for these diagnosis’ though I still hope that we find that vitamin deficiencies are making it worse and can improve things when treated.  I am glad a professional looked at my history, listened to me and then with a simple diagnosis stated that they did not think I was just lazy, weak willed, and crazy.

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