Day 6

Day 6
The worst part of my bad eating habits earlier this year and my recent little slips (yes Virginia, potato chips are crap food, simple carbs galore) is that I KNOW that those foods are Bad for me but more to the point I know in detail WHY they are bad, what they do to my body weight wise as well as inflammation and health wise also how they mess with my carb addiction.
I also know that too much fruit is going to trigger my cravings but again I get tempted by high sugar fruits like grapes and mango.
If I buy a bag of grapes I eat a bag full of grapes in an hour or do.  I have to stick with lower sugar, lower glycemic index fruits and then only a little a day, not 4 apples a day.

So yesterday I reminded myself why I don’t eat potato chips or even wheat-free crackers and today I remember what fruit that is too high in sugar does to me.


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