Binge, pain and stress triggers

I binge on carbs when I am in pain or stressed or bored and the sad thing about that is Sugar sets off my inflammation issues like mad making the pain worse.
For 3-4 months this year I was binging on sugar, candy, chocolate and huge amounts of milk and despite my altered GI tract I gained nearly 30 pounds since new years.  I estimate I was eating 700 to 1000 EXTRA calories a day.
So far I have been off of sugar for 17 days now (I gave up candies, chocolate, adding sugar to drinks, and stopped eating way too much ice cream)  I have gone from 232 to 216 in 17 days just by cutting out sugar and reducing milk.
Easiest way to reduce milk is add 25 calorie a cup cashew milk 50/50 with whole milk (I need some fat in my diet)
That brings it to less than skim milk and more calcium

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