July 25

I am trying to lose 30-35 pounds of regain (5 years out from DS) and I gave up sugar and simple carbs and reduced my excess milk intake down to 16 oz (it was closer to 40).
I estimate I was eating about 1000 excess calories a day for 3-4 months
Just reducing sugar (but still eating fruit, veg and dairy so no Ketosis) for the last 10 days I have dropped 11 pounds. Now it gets harder because I am at a plateau weight my body clings to.
On my way down before knee surgery pain meds made me drop 43 pounds I stayed between 220 and 224 for 5 months, then as my weight creeped up it stayed at 220 for 2 months until it suddenly jumped to 232
So now I am back at 220 and my body is not budging.
My goal is 190 for now, to build my stamina and improve my health.
Weirdest part for me is it was easy to give up excess sugar (candy, chocolate, corn chips, sugar in drinks and way too much milk) and for the most part no really bad cravings but sometimes at random my body/mind starts demanding sugar.
Last night was like that, my body screaming for sugar.
I managed to resist.
I realize unlike most people I can’t have a “free day” or it might end up a free month or year. Instead I just try to get through the cravings and remind myself that every time I have fallen off the wagon and been trampled by sugar it started as “Just one little treat.”

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