I do not need to medicate with sugar

So today was day 10 or 11 with no simple carbs but I got a migraine At Goddess Fest and we stopped by WINCO where Alex and I split a 3oz tootsie roll.
I took 1 bite and had to spit it out and pull my temporary crown out of it. I have wedged the crown in place and spit out all of the damn tootsie roll.
Back to no sugar for me
That little incident made me realize a few things:
I do not NEED to medicate with sugar
There are other ways to sooth my aches and pains and sugar just makes it worse
I and my body, my brain and my teeth deserve to be taken care of and sugar is not good for me, it causes inflammation in my joints, muscles and even my brain, it (or the act of eating sugar) triggers feelings of shame and self loathing
And really my poor fucked up teeth can’t take it anymore, I am getting 7 stainless steel crowns in the back of my mouth and if I had crushed this one chewing I would be paying for another

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