Dystonia, muscle contractions not “Spasms”

There is a fucking NAME for what I have!
It is real, it can be caused or made worse by drugs including Prozac, Welbutron, and Cimbalta. 
These are massive muscle contractions not simple spasms
I feel like someone just proved to me I am not crazy

Psychiatrist wants my primary care physician to refer me to a neurologist to confirm that there is no neurological damage causing these muscle contractions.
Dystonia can be caused by medicine and continue after the meds are stopped because they basically open or damage neural pathways that control muscle contractions, this could be for life but it could be treatable and I may be able to stay on a low dose of welbutron if 200mg proves viable.
My PCP’s PA is amazing and she agreed to try Cogentin starting at 0.25mg x3 a day and allow me to slowly increase it at my own speed.
If it works it could make all the difference in the world, the pain in my back and limbs even between spasms and the fear of driving while I spasm and the embarrassment of having my body flail in public have kept me inactive for way too long.
There are side effects to Cogentin but they generally fade in a few weeks to a month and I am willing to try it.

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