Weed eating

Sometimes you just have to laugh.
I got a tiny burst of energy monday and decided to get out and weed eat the last bit of the backyard (I weirdly enjoy using the weed eater) and not 2 minutes in the reel runs out, I didn’t have a spare. 
By the time I would have made it to the store and back I would have been wiped out.
BUT I did get that little burst of energy!
So that is a good sign

I feel better, still random painful spasms but they don’t last as long and aren’t as violent.  I have more energy despite the fact my “plug” gets pulled at random and I fade out like an old TV for a few hours here and there.
Last night I hung a new curtain from the ceiling in my room to allow me to have privacy and air flow with the door open so I climbed up and down on a chair about a dozen times.
Today I went over to the Crux and did a little art work and visited then I bought the plastic line for the weed eater and filled the reel (I was told not to call it a bobbin). 
I just weed eated the back and side yards (we don’t grow grass intentionally or water the yard so we keep the grass and weeds cut to the ground) and the weather was perfect for it.  Now cooking dinner and catching my breath
A little wiped out but worth

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