Er visit

Here is what happened last night
I started having horrible spasms and since I had been warned by the psych and the pharmacist about Serotonin syndrome we decided to go to the ER
I had a racing heart beat, my stomach was cramped, GI distress and severe full body spasms
Long wait and the spasms didn’t stop
They took blood, did a UA and an EKG and a chest X-Ray but they didn’t find proof of Serotonin syndrome.  They did give me 5mg of Valium which made me dopey for about 15 minutes but didn’t stop the spasms, finally after about 35 minutes they got so bad that the Dr ordered another 5mg and that slowed but did not stop the spasms, we came home and 3.5 hours after the first dose of Valium I slept and then woke up twice in the next 2 hours in the middle of spasms bad enough to wake me and make me cry.
I am off the Cymbalta and have calls in to the shrink and my PCP

Let me point out the fact that Alex hates hospitals and because of me and my surgeries, recoveries and er visits he has spent way more time in them than he would like.

So part of what happened last night was I was very dizzy and wobbly on my feet and he insisted in walking me anywhere I had to go by holding on to my arm or standing right behind me. This includes walking me to the bathroom and me having to insist he could not come in and stand with his back to me to be safe. Man the look he gave me when I insisted he go back in the exam room….lol
He has put up with so much including me crying about the fact that we have no clue what is wrong with me or whether I will ever get over it.
So if you ever wonder why I brag on my hubby you now know a small part.

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