Practical Witchcraft AND Science? Sure why not?

Practical Witchcraft:
“How do you justify practicing witchcraft if you say you believe in science and are an atheist?”

First of all I am not an Atheist, I am an Apathetistic. I am apathetic about theology, I don’t care.
I don’t assume I know for a fact that there Isn’t a higher power just because I personally have no interest in it but since I don’t care one way or another if there is or if other people do or don’t believe in a higher power I don’t worry about it.
Also Witch Craft and religion of any kind are two separate things, you can be Wiccan and not a witch or you could be a Christian and practice aspects of witchcraft.
Witch craft is the highly malleable and totally personal concept that you can in one fashion or another exert your will (your focus) and in some fashion or another change the world (remind you of prayer or positive thinking?)
Each person who practices witchcraft, each witch, picks and chooses the way in which they do that, some ways I believe in,some ways I don’t and all ways I say “whatever makes you happier at the end of the day and hurt no one is ok with me.”
As for science, well I have no problem mixing my personal take on witchcraft with science…but then my take is not the same as many who practice witchcraft.  I do not believe in magic as occult but that is me.
I believe in science, in proven fact (practical science) but I also believe in the proven ability of belief and positive thought to affect both the mind and the body in physical ways and that by assigning values to objects such as stones and wands and even to rituals and then focusing positive concentration on to those things a person can honestly give a themselves a boost towards actualizing changes.
Example…. If you assign Rose Quartz with the concept of positive energy and you believe it will help you focus on positive energy and help bring you love by helping you to express affection better.  Well if you really believe it, or for that matter simply choose to assign that value to it to remind you to think positively and you carry or wear or even concentrate on that item (in this case rose quartz) and it constantly reminds you to focus on the positive, to look for opportunities to express those positive thoughts and try to see the good in others then you can effect positive changes in your thoughts, which will effect your behavior which will effect how others react to you in a positive way and bring you more positive reinforcement and open you to affection.
And in the long run it can’t hurt so why mock it?
It may only be personal change but that is very important.  Guided personal change is how we become the person we wish to be and how we find happiness.
So my faith is that if I believe in something enough I can alter MY life if only by how that belief effects my brain chemistry and how that effects my bodies chemistry.
If focusing on a collection of stones that I equate with “positive thought” and “motivation” helps me feel more positive and more motivated then I am more likely to help others both physically and mentally and in doing so do something good which can bring something positive to both myself and to others who themselves may bring positive things to more people.  Pretty fucking magical if you ask me.
The thing is that is MY take on it, and as such it is far from the only take.  I see it as a form of meditation or a reminder to be positive or to focus on a specific change.  Another person may effect a change in their life through a positive belief in a deity or higher power, they may believe in magic as a more occult thing and I am more than fine with it if at the end of the day they feel better, are becoming who they wish to be and harm no one.
An example of this would be:
So there is a banishing spell… One type of witch may ask a god or goddess for help to banish bad energy by performing a spell or ritual or prayer and trust that it will effect the external object (nothing wrong with that if it gives them comfort)
A “practical” witch (for lack of a better term…can be wiccan, science based or Christian for that matter) would do a spell or even just a meditation based on creating focus for looking inside themselves and ask the world or gods or the everything inside (personally I like “the everything inside”) to guide them to first figure out not just how to deal with the problem but to figure out why they are effected by it (such as why they allow a certain type of person in their life or why another persons behavior effects them so much) then they seek to find the willpower and motivation as well as the way to solve their own problem…

And in the long run it makes me happy, it makes me more positive, it inspires me to create and to help others and to try to do no harm.   So really why would anyone care if I or anyone else does or doesn’t believe in things they don’t see if I don’t try to force others to believe in it or try to curtail the freedom’s of others?

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