Diet vs dieting

We are human, many of us got to the point of worrying about our weight and or lack of exercise because we are flawed humans in many ways, physically, emotionally and mentally where our relationship with food and our bodies are concerned (and no I am not talking about people who physically can not exercise but people like myself who constantly put it off while making crappy choices)

We fear giving up goodies, we fear gaining weight.

I think part of the problem is the difference between DIET and DIETING.

The definition of “diet” (n) is :the way in which one eats day to day  (Good or bad)

The definition of a “(good) diet” (n) is: a sustainable and viable way of eating for the long term that allows for the greatest health benefits. (including weight management)
By sustainable I mean a diet that gives you what you need, including the occasional goodie (if you choose to have it) and that allows you to feel comfortable and satiated but doesn’t cause weight gain.  It is a freaking balancing act to find the right way to eat for YOU, for me with an addictive biology I need to be far more restricted than others, but most people just need to find a balance. 
Will it be one they love? One that they can set and ignore and that fills all those random cravings? Probably not….OK DEFINITELY NOT if you have underlying weight issues BUT it can be one you can live with.

On the other hand “Dieting” is a verb, a thing you do for the short term repeatedly “to alter (often radically) ones day to day diet for the short term with the sole intent of losing weight”

Personally I would rather develop a Good Diet with room for minor tweaking than constantly find myself on a cycle of gain leading to deprivation.

My point I guess is that we need to develop the “good diet” mindset not the “oh time to go on another diet” mindset.

Maybe you see it as dieting forever and maybe it is, but my goal isn’t to constantly gain 20 pounds by slacking on my day to day diet goals by eating crap (not the occasional treat but the day to day unhealthy choices) then struggle with even greater restrictions and self recrimination for a few months to lose 16 pounds before stress, shame and inertia cause me to quit and start the entire cycle over again….gaining 20 pounds, losing a little more….gaining more, Losing less…. Over and over again until I am firmly stuck at a higher weight.

I know it will take time, I know in my case it will be a harder and more restricted diet than most people can stand the idea of but in my case I am dealing with more biological land minds that make certain foods trouble for me.  But I am aiming at finding that nice gently winding road to health (slight changes in direction now and then) instead of a roller coaster ride

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