Facing demons

For me facing my demons is how I defeat them


The Amazing Shelli at The World According to Eggface often says, “Weight loss surgery is not a do-over (repeat the same mistakes = get a similar outcome.) Weight loss surgery is a do-better (make lifestyle changes you can continue forever.)”


I often think that this is the biggest mistake we make, we too often think about and react to problems as “fatties”  I don’t say it in a hateful way but what I mean is that for years we learned a few simple (but crappy) coping skills, many of which revolved around food, especially addictive foods, as well as ways of thinking of ourselves as “that fat person”
I often hear from WLS peeps (and thought myself) “I may have lost weight but I will always feel like a fatso” or “inside me the fatty is always trying to get out”
It might be said as a joke but the fact is many of us still keep making some of the same mistakes we did before.
Many times:
We eat food, especially bad for us food, when faced with stress
We think of ourselves as failures, many of us I think do feel that we took the easy way out even if we know it isn’t true.
We don’t move as much as we could, we never  developed the habit and we have a hard time thinking of ourselves as athletic
We put ourselves down, even if just in our own minds and are extremely hard on ourselves.


What are some of the unhelpful habits and thoughts you have brought with you from before surgery and what are some ways we can change these unhealthy habits and thoughts?

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