Making your future self healthier


This hit me hard, this entire weekend I have totally fallen off the wagon, after doing so good, with sugar and even had a drink of whisky for tooth pain, maybe I didn’t do as bad as I used to do but I can tell that it could easily be the tip of the iceberg if I let it go on.  If I don’t get right back on track I will be binging again. 
Also I need to accept that I have not taken very good care of myself this last year or so.
This illness is definitely made far worse by the Prozac (and missing the appointment to check my symptoms in Dec did not help) and by vitamin D deficiency (which I was supposed to have the blood work done the first week in Jan but only did last week)
My SIBO was largely due to eating like crap, binging on sugar and apples (yes binging, an average of 3 a day which is too many when you have issues with fiber and know it)
My weakness has been made worse by my lack of exercise, yes I felt weak and sick but I could have done something, walked around the block or even in bed physical therapy exercises.
Maybe it seems I am being hard on myself but I realize now is the time that I NEED to face my failing, face down my excuses and knock them over like bowling pins, and get serious because I can’t go on the way I am and even if this illness is something I have for life I need to do what I can to be healthier, Everything I can.
I have decided my treat a week needs to be a treat a month and only if I earn it. 
Maybe it seems like I am being harsh with myself but I am the only one who can make my future self healthier than I am now because if I continue like I did this weekend with food, or how I have over all this last 6 months with exercise or how I have this last year with not being serious about my health then in a year I will be far worse off than I am now.

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