Mercury in Retrograde and how we see life

Do you feel that the way you look at things, (such as having a positive outlook) can actually effect your health, your motivation or your life?

Here is an updated version of a post I wrote on the subject last year.

A friend assured me that everything will get better in a few weeks because Mercury will leave retrograde on Wednesday Feb 11th and that things get screwed up 2-3 weeks before and after retrograde. 
She honestly blames the problems in her (and my) life on this and was shocked when I pointed out that Mercury is in retrograde 3-4 times a year and that adding 6 weeks each time meant that was seriously more than half the year.
I am not mocking anyone’s belief but it reminded me of something I wrote last year about personal matter of perspective.

“”My entire life is changing due to the way I am looking at things.
People tell me “MERCURY IS IN RETROGRADE” as if it is a thing to worry about…it isn’t, retrograde means we have moved into a position where HOW WE SEE IT CHANGES, it appears to be moving backwards but it isn’t, we are just moving forward at a different pace.
The thing is nothing on Mercury is ever going to be effected at all in any way by us changing our view point of it and nothing here can really be blamed on it. 
By blaming Mercury in retrograde for problems in our lives we are giving up responsibility for our problems and giving excuses for not making changes. 
What we are doing is quite literally blaming our point of view for the problems we have.
The only way we can begin to make things better is by deciding to do so, the best way to decide to do that is to look at your life and intentionally change your point of view.
Ask yourself some questions about what is holding you in a negative frame of mind, what is keeping you from moving forward and what are you doing that hinders your goals. 
How is the way you see yourself stopping you from being successful?
Are those habits you think make you comfortable really just holding you back? 
Are people you think are your friends treating you right and vice versa?  Does knowing them bring you joy and motivate you or bring you drama and stress?
Is your personal space organized in a way that makes you think and create to your fullest or is the clutter in your life holding you back? 
Are your long held views of the world and your place in it keeping you from being happy?
Is your sense of self stagnant, are you stuck in a rut?
Are you resentful, living in the past, angry or full of self hate? Are you living for a mythical “Someday” when you will be happy but not actively working towards getting there now?
Ask yourself what does it all get you?

Maybe it is time to take stock of how you Look at things. Will a change in personal viewpoint maybe change your world?

Maybe it is time to move past the things that hold you down.””

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