On my own after Drs visit sucked, it’s OK I can do this

OK so I learned my lesson, no more going to the Drs office alone, every time I do I leave feeling like I am just a hypochondriac or something and end up going to Jacksons for candy.  I have broken down 2 times in 30  days and ate chocolate, the first after a week off of it and I had 4 Andie’s mints and today after 3 more weeks off of it I had 2 fun sized Reese’s peanut butter cups and both times I felt like crap within minutes.
I almost hope I end up gutty as hell today to remind me I just can’t eat sugar like a normal person and it isn’t worth it.
The Dr won’t even consider fibro, she wants me off of Prozac and kind of implied I was med chasing so I straight out told her the Norco only helps my jaw/neck pain but doesn’t touch the rest.
She upped my gabapentin but that is it.  I see her in a month after the Prozac leaves my system

What pisses me off is while there is no blood work you can do there is a physical exam and she never touched me except to bump me which caused me to jump like burned

My Dr may not agree but I know this is real, and while a diagnosis would be nice I now realize that I don’t NEED it.
As for any Dr really all they can do is treat the symptoms anyway and that is what I will be going for from now on until someone accepts that they are related and should be treated as such.
I know I am mostly on my own treatment wise and I know that the only things that will help are:
Understanding this illness (which I probably do better than my Dr)
Diet (which I am doing, oh man am I ever)
Vitamins (which I am doing to the tune of nearly $600 a year)
Exercise (which I WILL get better at so help me)
Reducing caffeine (which I am trying)
Reducing stress (which is happening including seeing a councilor and getting stressful parts of my taken care of)
Positive Support (which many people have offered)
And a positive attitude (which I am honestly working on)

This is all I can do and to stop letting it rule my damn life

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