Rethinking how I think of food

When I found out I was wheat intolerant and getting worse and that grains in general caused inflammation I learned to see food differently.
Instead of seeing what I lost I learned to see baked goods as pain:
Donuts=ear aches
Cakes=swollen joints
Cookies=inflamed glands
Bread=body pains
Crackers=itching skin

Now I am realizing I will most likely never be able to go back to eating simple sugars and certain other carbs without it setting off my inflammation disorder and destroying my guts.  I am seeking to learn to see sweets differently as well:
Chocolate=angry stomach
Hard candy=sore muscles
Artificial sweeteners=increased neuropathy
Sugar=increased cravings and shitty moods

Yeah it isn’t as easy to see it right now but every time I stand in the checkout line I look at each type of candy and say “M&Ms = bad skin” or “Hershey’s bar = sore joints” or “Life Savers=3 more days if withdrawal symptoms because I will eat the whole roll” and of course there is  “Snickers = equal hell because peanuts hate me….fuckers”

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