I am so relieved!!!!
Talk about stress relief, as of today half of the $800 plus electric bill is paid with a plan in place to have a zero balance by mid April, gas, DSL, Cell Phones and the Y are caught up to date, and the vet bill is ahead of the game.
We have a plan in place now to streamline our bill paying, get everything on auto pay by June (electric can’t go on til it is caught up) and we set up a savings certificate we can’t touch for 2 years to build up automatically.  That way I can’t mess it up (which is about 1/3rd of the problem we had with debt)  also we should have the account I screwed up in the positive by the 13th.
We still have enough coming in from the state to get AAA paid and register my car and get my license this month.
These are the majority of my stresses lately and on top of that it looks like the infection I had is improving and I have managed for 10 days to not eat simple sugar and no artificial sweeteners for nearly 2.5 months now.

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