A little phobic about sugar

I have become sort of mildly phobic about eating sugar or carb at all, when I think about doing it even for my health I become anxious. I know after the exhaustion of the last week of super low carbs that I need at least some healthy carbs to keep going because I can’t eat enough fat to be healthy in ketosis.  Even a few spoonfuls of fruit butter turned things around but I fear it will start up my cravings and I will be out of control.
I know it is an addiction for me, I know it is both physical and mental for me and I honestly feel that I can only control the overwhelming cravings by abstaining from added sugar or other simple carbs as much as possible but I also know even too much fruit can set me off.
The thing is somehow in my not so logical mind I equate having control over the rest of my life with having control over sugar.  And I even have had actual nightmares about losing control and binging

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