The family that gains together better lose together

At first Alex maintained his weight at around 215 (he is 6’2) but in 2014 we both gained a lot, 15 for him and 20 for me.
In 2014 we had a stupid amount of stress and roommates that are not a good influence food wise (they eat junk) and I spent a good deal of it feeling like crap and making and freezing huge casseroles for Alex, too much pasta, rice and creamy sauces.  Also when I would want sugar I would justify it by getting Alex something and we got into horrible habits.
Part of the problem is the roommates, I can barely afford to feed us healthy since prices are through the roof and since I don’t feed them often I shouldn’t worry but I feel weird making full meals (meat, healthy veggies all plated nicely like I used to) when I can’t feed them too.
I also have gotten lazy so Alex often grabs a few frozen waffles or cereal (he works hard, helps around the house but can’t cook)
We have gotten his lunch for work figured out to be very healthy but I now have a freezer full of casseroles that aren’t healthy enough so I am thinking of ways to Dr them up with lots of veggies and good protein since we can’t afford to toss them though some may go to the roommates and from now on I shall freeze everything I make in smaller portions.
Yes Alex is an adult, my sweetie is super good natured which is part of the problem, he never complains.


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