Antibiotics and diet to kick this SIBO crap.

So the Dr did proscribe 2 very specific antibiotic combos, I take them 4 times a day (the first I take every 8 hours and the second I take every 12 with one over lapping)
I am not to take any probiotics even yogurt, until I am done with them in 11 days.  For the next 6-7 weeks I am on super low carb, no dairy at all except for 2 oz Greek yogurt 4 times a day, low fiber (thank goodness for miralax) and extremely high protein.  I can start having the cup of yogurt a day after the antibiotics are used up.
So basically a ketosis diet but without dairy and even fewer acceptable veggies.
After the 7th week I can slowly start adding in some low carb, low FodMap veg and fruit and a small amount of dairy foods like cheese to see how I tolerate them.  It may take months to get to something that resembles a semi regular diet.
Between no dairy, no grains, super limited veggies and no MSG, Nitrates or Nitrites I definitely won’t be going out to eat anywhere for 3 or 4 months which is actually a really good thing as this diet will cost quite a bit to maintain.
Right now I honestly don’t care if this causes me to lose weight or not, that would be great but I do not intend to live in ketosis forever.  Low carb yes, next to no carb….nope.
I just want to stop being so sick.
I promise not to whine and complain about antibiotic side effects…lol.
I am just happy to be getting better.
BTW it would be 10 days Before the gastrointestinal specialist would even make an appointment (they won’t start scheduling until 10 days from now) I still have to see one to confirm all infection is gone but I am not worried about rushing it as long as I get better.


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