Set back

Today I saw the Dr about my SIBO and they insisted I see a specialist for tests, they are trying to find one in my insurance network that can see me soon….soon being in less than ten days.
I broke down crying, I can’t handle this much longer.
So stress and anger and frustration combined and I stopped at the first convenience store and bought a 2 oz pack of hot tamales, a king size almond snicker and 4 little Andie’s candies mints.
I ate the mints while driving then took 1 bite of the bar and felt like throwing up so I tossed it out the window, I put 4 hot tamales in my mouth and chewed then spit them out and tossed the rest out the window.
I am glad I stopped the binge but so upset that my first reactions were tears and eating crap.
I am home now, I am eating some shredded pork and mashed carrots (not to be confused with my other choice,shredded chicken and mashed carrots…over cooked carrots being pretty much the only veggies that doesn’t cause me to totally explode)
I have to be in control, even if I do convince them to treat me with antibiotics I will always be prone to this and sugar will always be the trigger.

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