SIBO after WLS

I have complained a lot about gas, over the last 2 months it has been getting worse and worse.
Now it is so bad it is effecting my Vagus nerve and making it feel like I was punched in the back left side and making me weak.
A little research into “WLS and “Antibiotics” (I took some in Nov for a UTI and Dec for bronchitis after not taking them for years) and “GAS” came up with something I had been warned could be a problem…
Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
The treatment is very specific antibiotics, probiotics and then following the 6 week start to the Low-FodMap diet, basically an even more restricted list than what I can already eat that focuses on protein and removes the foods “bad” bacteria feed off of.
SIBO causes IBS symptoms, gas, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, pain and it can cause confusion, fatigue and weakness as it effects malabsorption levels.
My goal is to see my Dr ASAP and start the low fodmap diet, stick to it and then follow the rules because SIBO can come back over and over. 
After the 6 weeks I can slowly add food at a rate of about 2 a week (try a small portion, wait 48 hours and see if there is symptoms and then try again or try the next)
The depressing part is because I can not eat many carbs to start with, not to mention much fiber the list of foods I can eat to start much less after 6 weeks is about half of the average low Fodmap diet
As it is everything has to be shredded, diced or mashed up

Food I can eat now *
The rest to be very slowly introduced

*boar’s Head gf deli slices,
Fresh eggs, (after 6 weeks)

*lactose free dairy, (after 6 weeks)
cream cheese, (after 12 weeks)
half and half, (after 12 weeks)
hard cheeses (cheddar, colby, parmesan, swiss,), (after 8 weeks)
Brie/Camembert (after 12 weeks)
*yogurt (greek)

*bell peppers,
*carrots, cooked
*cucumbers, (peeled)
*green beans, (no salt canned)
radishes, (after 6 weeks)
zucchini (after 6 weeks)
blueberries, (after 6 weeks)
cantaloupe, (after 6 weeks)
honeydew, (after 6 weeks)
kiwi, (after 6 weeks)
mandarin, (after 6 weeks)
raspberries, (after 6 weeks)
strawberries (after 6 weeks)

*milk alternatives (almond, coconut)
nuts/soaked and dried /walnut, macadamia, pecan, pine, very small amounts of almonds toasted (after 6 weeks)
nut butters very small amounts (Almond, walnut)

Non garlic dill pickle, (after 6 weeks)
*salsa, hot sauce
*most spices and herbs,
*broth (homemade),
*Low omega 6 cooking oils, *mustard,
*mayonnaise, onion
olives, (after 6 weeks)
seeds/ shelled pumpkin, sesame, sunflower (after 6 weeks)
*GF soy sauce,

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