Tumeric and spice tea paste, anti inflammatory and more

Here is my Tumeric tea paste recipe for fighting inflammation and for digestion
In a glass bowl mix 1/2 of a cup of boiling water with 3 rounded tablespoons of tumeric and 2 each of ginger powder and cinnamon and 1tablespoon of ground cloves
Mix it together and slowly add a little more water.  If you want add 3 tablespoons of honey (local to you, raw honey has things in it that help fight allergic reactions and inflammation) and honey is a good preservative
Stir in hot water a little at a time stirring as you go.  It will quickly make a thick paste.  Store it in a small jar or tightly sealed plastic container you don’t mind staining, store it in the fridge tightly sealed.
Then 2 to 3 times a day add a teaspoon to either hot Chai or ginger tea (decaf is fine) or warm milk, almond or coconut milk is good as dairy might cause inflammation with some people
Build up a taste for it and let your body get used to it, start with half a teaspoon twice a day and slowly work up to a rounded teaspoon full of paste over a week or so.
I buy all of it in Bulk BTW.

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