99 days til my 5 year WLS anniversary

Only 99 days til the 5th anniversary of my weight loss surgery, there are times I barely remember how it was to be 460+ pounds, crippled and so sick and miserable and then there are times when the horror of thinking it could happen again if I don’t get in control of my life and my actions drives me crazy.
I just started working with a 6week accountability workshop group to change a habit and I realized that I could try to change things like “how much sugar I eat” or “track everything I eat” or even “getting more exercise every day” but in the long run none of it will work if I can’t start taking responsibility for all of my actions and choices and stop making excuses and giving myself justifications for doing the things I KNOW I shouldn’t.
Until I break the habit of giving in to my every little impulse, until I face the fact that I am the only one who can make me live a healthy life I won’t be in control of my life and health much less my fears.

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