Booze and self control issues

I have decided to give up booze in casual situations (not like special ones like a special party or holiday but at bars and just because it is available)
It isn’t moral, it isn’t even a “booze itself is bad for me” thing. I mean it is not a good idea because booze is really a bad problem for post weight loss surgery people because it can hit them hard and the sugar can make them sick but I have a stupidly high threshold for it still which is dangerous in itself but that isn’t the problem I mean.
The problem is it kills my impulse control and I do things I am trying to avoid. 
Oh not fun things like grope the beautiful boobs on the lovely ladies around me, or hug up on my many sexy friends or flirt with strangers…nope with booze it is still a toss up if I am going to be a social butterfly or a crafting hermit in the corner.
No the problem is food, I crave sugar like mad, I eat things I swore off of and right now I need that control to get a grip on my sugar addiction.  I need to know I am in control because my goal for the next few months is to actively work on accepting responsibility for my actions, especially where food is concerned and learn to be honest when tempted to offer an excuse for eating sweets.  And let’s be honest being drunk is a shitty excuse for eating half a bag of Hershey kisses but at the time while drunk it is hard to realize that fact.
Easier to avoid it most of the time and save it for a very rare treat where I plan to allow myself leeway ahead of time AND where I make sure I also have healthy goodies available to me.
Not having any for at least a few months either way, including none for Mardi Gras, Valentines day or any Parties til March.

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