No pain, no gain? Maybe but definitely No Gain, still in Pain

Please note I don’t believe in overdoing “No Pain, No Gain”  but change often bring discomfort, mentally and/or physically. 
If you already have pain and you strive to get better, emotionally or physically, don’t be surprised if it hurts worse for a while as you tug and pull and push at parts of your mind and body that hurt but don’t want to be touched.  Working out your body, working through your problems is the only way to get better even if it is the slowest bit of movement, even if it just slows down getting worse it is worth it.
Every time I exercise I hurt, not normal muscle pain but nerve pain, it effects my entire body and every time I am tempted to just quit, to stop trying so that the pain will go back to a dull roar that never ends instead of a day of thunder and lightning in my nerves.
But I don’t, that attempt to change is what keeps me going because it is my hope, my hope that someday I will be stronger, the pain will not come so easy or if it still does it will be worth it if I can climb hills and walk for another 30+ years.
So in my case “No Pain, No Gain” is true, but then so is “No Gain, Still in Pain” so it is my choice.

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