Plan to stop bored or habit munching

I have a really bad habit of eating for the wrong reason, eating because I am bored, eating because I am stressed, because I am actually thirsty or out of habit. I graze all day, a bite or two here and there, a snack, a small meal, a snack and maybe one meal that is too big and makes me feel awful.
I have a plan to change that a bit.
I will eat 4 real meals a day (small enough but with solid protein and fiber each time) and cut way back on nibbles by changing how I go about spacing my meals.  Since I am home most of the time it is too easy to get bored and eat for no good reason plus I have real issues with dehydration.

My plan is every time I think I am hungry I get 16-24 oz of water, drink it all then look at the clock. 
Then I will either do something off of my regular daily/weekly/monthly chore list of things to do (posted on freezer door on magnets) or something off of my craft/art goal list of 50 different craft/art projects in a year or I can pick one of my list of 30 places in my house to organize and then put on an audio book or music and start. 
My goal is to work at least 30 minutes and if I am still hungry it is real hunger.
If I am not sure I am still hungry after a while I will make either a glass of tea or Half-caf coffee and do another half hour at least.
Main thing is no timer because my goal is to just forget food for a while, not be reminded of it.


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