Getting started on the resolutions (better late than never)

Here’s hoping I am finally getting into the groove of not acting like holidays and birthdays are a free pass to treat my body like crap.
My “Friday” is just ending …. we are serious night owls and I have insomnia …. So since 8pm Thursday I have slept 4 hours with a 1 hour nap.
We exercised at 7am Friday then shopped (rode bike for 30 mins then walked for 40+) got some good deals on meat, clearance items, little storage drawers, 3 really nice fancy 64oz growler bottles for the price of 1 and 4 big close outs veggie trays from NYE for $3 each (saved $5 on each and they were 3 pounds each of cherry tomatoes, mini peppers, baby carrots, snap peas, celery, and broccoli, also 2 ranch dressing I gave our roommate because of MSG) I made a cheese ball with cream cheese, chopped up chicken sausage and sharp cheddar.
I layered a ton of carrots, a few potatoes, celery and super lean cube steak in the crockpot with a small spaghetti squash sliced on top and broth then used cottage cheese and a little corn starch to thicken it into a healthy thick stew.
We went to a birthday party and I had 1 drink and no sweets, visited friends and walked a bit.
Then we came home and we have been working half the night on doing and putting away laundry, moving stuff out of the bedroom to help organize it by putting up the first of two 6′ set of shelves and vacuuming then packaging and putting away meat and veggies.
As for today I am going to another birthday (lunch this time, no sweets!!!) and organizing my room so I hope it will be another great healthy productive day!
As for now, bed time for a few hours.

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