6 of 9

Spent 6 of the last 9 hours on my feet, not that long ago I couldn’t do that, I was too bug, too crippled and losing weight gave me the chance to be better but I need to keep working on it.
I may have been smaller 1 year ago but I am now aware of how fast I can lose hard won ground.
Yes, I will hurt like #%€& New Years day, it has already started, but I know by this time next year I will be even stronger, stand even longer and I will be tougher. 
Will it still hurt?
It doesn’t matter.
All that matters is I keep moving forward, stay as active as I can, keep getting stronger and tougher and healthier. 
Because of the damage I did to my body by weighing so much I will always struggle, I will always have pain but it won’t always control me.
Pain will happen when it happens, that is something you learn when your pain is from deep in your nervous system, deep as your bones and joints, you don’t get to make the rules but you can choose to face it head on and say “Bring It” and not let it stop you.
I was very sad looking back at 2014 but I can honestly say I have no intention of losing ground again.

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