Excuses, Excuses, Excuses …. are crap

1 year ago today I was 185 pounds after reaching a low of 179 for about 12 minutes after knee surgery killed my appetite.
Today I weighed and I was 204 (down from a high of 212 right after thanksgiving)
there are lots of things I can use as excuses:
I was sick a good part of this year due to vitamin deficiencies and my left leg still hurts often and so I was not nearly active enough for my own good.
I also have craved sugar worse than any drug and due to almost unending stressors I kept giving in to those cravings
Anxiety and stress made me want to hide from the world and eat
But those are JUST EXCUSES
Excuses are the justifications we give when we know we should have done something but CHOSE NOT TO!
Yes there is a scientifically documented tendency with weight loss surgery patients to “bounce” 10-20 pounds when they reach a certain weight their body decides on BUT that doesnt change the fact that a HUGE part of my bounce was MY fault.
Regain does happen, that doesnt make me or anyone else a bad person and their are many reasons it happened but the simple fact is I Let myself use pretty crappy excuses to justify being bone lazy and to give into my impulses.
Yes I was vitamin deficient part of the year and it was MY OWN FAULT because I was lax getting my supplements, yes it made me tired but choosing not to take care of my health shouldnt have been an excuse to make it worse by not exercising.
i ALLOWED stress to affect me in a bad way, exercise and good nutrition are great for anxiety, I should have used it like medicine.
I may have chemical reasons I crave sweets so badly but I CHOSE to eat things I shouldnt and I knew better.
So my goal for 2015 is to lose at least half that weight (lose 10-12 pounds) and while I am stronger now than last year I am no where near as strong as I was at mid year so I want to lose half the weight I gained this year and be stronger than I was 6 months ago

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